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Marsh Electronics Sheds New Light on Food Warming Bins


A manufacturer needed a solution to replace fluorescent bulb fixtures inside food warming bins used in quick service restaurants. The end customer wanted to create a new retail experience with LED lighting that could withstand 176 F degrees with a color temperature of 2700K. The lighting also needed to be consistent inside the warming bin to produce at least 1400lm across the entire bin.


The manufacturer needed a supplier with specific engineering expertise. Marsh Electronics consulted one of its design-engineering partners, and the team developed a mounting solution to provide consistent lighting for the warming bin while creating the desired retail experience. Marsh Electronics’ partner company will obtain a patent for this product, as it’s the only one of its kind to meet the temperature requirement of 176F.

The customer was pleasantly surprised with the resulting lighting product. Marsh Electronics and its partners offer unique engineering capabilities for customers who need new designs. Marsh Electronics is truly a custom solution distributor that thinks outside the box (or bin) to create new products.

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