Press Release


A manufacturer of joint light tactical vehicles (JLTVs) for the U.S. military had problems with vehicle map lights. These included poor light output, substandard quality procedures and metrics from the manufacturer/importer, and a potential issue with a grounding wire connection. The issues threatened the company’s build schedules and reputation, among other concerns.


As a Tier 1 supplier for this customer, Marsh Electronics was the distributor for the basic, commodity-type map light. Marsh got approval to proceed with a solution largely because of our PPAP capabilities, known processes, trust and strong reputation with the customer.

  • Marsh immediately addressed the initial quality issue with an 8D analysis, BEFORE the customer requested it.
  • We then procured a stable supply chain and credible source for a new, extremely bright LED.
  • We addressed the substandard crimping from the current supplier and determined that they could no longer supply the wire assemblies integral to the assembly with the repeatability and quality required. MarVac, a division of Marsh Electronics, provided solutions to the wire crimping/terminations, including documentation. Our Level 3 PPAP moved smoothly through the customer’s processes.
  • Marsh, with a supplier, also negotiated a lower cost for the raw housing without the LED and procured an LED from a franchised vendor.

Ultimately, the customers were quite satisfied: Marsh quickly identified and handled the problem professionally, with very little interference in the customer’s build schedules.

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