Marsh Improves Quality, Logistics and Cost Savings for Power Industry Customer


A global leader in manufacturing power quality products had several problems with power factor correction (PFC) caps:

  • The supplier of a sole-sourced capacitor line had poor delivery performance, inability to expedite, and inability to grow with the customer’s business.
  • Another supplier prompted quality concerns because of exploding caps and severe corrosion.


Marsh Electronics found a manufacturing source to improve on existing product. Marsh proposed both UL and tooling changes but its proposal also saved money on the program compared to the existing vendor. Marsh and its manufacturing source designed and engineered an entirely new product line. This supplier’s solution had markedly better quality and passed rigorous qualification testing to get print position on single-phase capacitors. This solved earlier design and quality issues.

In addition, Marsh provided logistics and supply chain protection. Our ability to stock, expedite and meet demand resulted in new orders for the customer. Our shipping arrangements offset unit price increases, positioning the customer to decrease total cost of acquisition. Marsh not only solved quality issues but, with fair pricing, we also delivered considerable value to this customer.

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