LED Lighting Solution Cuts Costs, Simplifies Process for Cabinetry Lighting


A food service equipment manufacturer was transitioning from traditional lighting such as fluorescents, incandescents and screw-in LED bulbs in its cabinetry applications. With this type of lighting becoming obsolete, the company needed state-of-the-art lighting for three different applications, each one requiring the right brightness output – at the right price.


Marsh Electronics worked with leading LED manufacturer OptoElectronix™, along with the customer, to determine and specify the lighting needs. Marsh sales and engineering staff, along with the OptoElectronix team, produced a high-quality, bright LED fixture that would serve all three applications: the OptoElectronix ULE28000 Series Light Engine.

The compact, thermally managed unit delivers high brightness output with high-quality LEDs and optics at relatively low cost. The cost savings were achieved by utilizing one lighting product for all three applications. In addition, LEDs inherently consume far less power than traditional lighting. The OptoElectronix LED fixtures also eliminate the fear of product obsolescence, as the fixtures have a very long operational life expectancy and a design that is easily upgraded as customer needs change. These units also carry a 5-year warranty. Overall, this solution significantly reduced costs for the customer.

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