Marsh and OptoElectronix™ Team Up, Using LEDs to Solve Backlighting Quality Issues


A manufacturer of food service equipment was having quality problems with backlighting components for its signage. The customer was using LED strip lighting and experiencing a 4 percent rejection rate. This quality issue rapidly drove up costs while reducing reliability and productivity.


Marsh Electronics suggested that the customer work with OptoElectronix, a world leader in LED lighting design and manufacturing. Marsh sales and engineering staff consulted with OptoElectronix and designed a new product, the ULE19000 Series LED Light Strip. OptoElectronix quickly delivered prototype samples to the customer, and Marsh soon obtained a production order. The new strip lighting from OptoElectronix provides considerably higher quality, superior light distribution and lower cost for the customer.

The OptoElectronix LED strip lighting has completely eliminated the quality and failure issues for the customer. The new lighting is designed specifically for use in cost-effective applications. High-performing LEDs are mounted on heat-dissipative, aluminum substrate PC board. The units are thermally clad and conformally coated to prevent moisture damage – essential in food service environments. The lighting strips are paired with a quality LED driver. The LED strips are rigorously tested and include a 5-year warranty. After supplying more than 15,000 OptoElectronix ULE19000 LED light strips to the customer, Marsh did not experienced a single failure or rejection.

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