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Resistors, Potentiometers, and Encoders

Marsh Electronics offers one of the broadest and industry-leading selections of resistors, potentiometers and encoder devices available. With our manufacturers, we can support and meet your application requirements.

Marsh’s liner resistor product offerings cover thin film, thick film, metal oxide film, carbon film and wirewound, as well as power metal strip products. For non-linear resistor products, we offer NTC thermistors and PTC thermistors. For variable resistor applications, products include potentiometers, trimmer pots and rheostats.


If your application requires optical, Hall Effect or mechanical encoders, Marsh Electronics is your one-stop distributor. For unique and custom applications, our on-staff engineer can help you choose the correct resistor, potentiometer or encoder from our manufacturers’ many custom design solutions.

Surface Mount Resistors

If your resistive application requires sub-assembly, wire leads with termination or other sub-assembly needs, our MarVac Assemblies division can build your assembly per your drawings and specifications.

For linear resistors, non-linear resistors, variable resistors, mechanical encoders or optical encoders, contact Marsh Electronics. We will provide the service, application support, sub-assembly, and logistic services to support your product requirements.

Grayhill Optical Encoder Group

  • Manufacturers represented
    • Alps
    • BC Components (Vishay)
    • BI Technologies (TT Electronics)
    • Dale (Vishay)
    • Draloric (Vishay)
    • Huntington Electric (Vishay)
    • Mepcopal (Vishay)
    • Meritek
    • Milwaukee Resistor (Vishay)
    • Phoenix Passives (Vishay)
    • RCD Components
    • Riedon
    • SEI (Stackpole)
    • Sfernice (Vishay)
    • Spectrol (Vishay)
    • VCS (Vishay)
  • Types
    • Resistors, Linear – Metal film
    • Resistors
      • Capacitor Mount
      • Circuit Board Mount
      • Tubular Wirewound
      • Surface Mount
      • Aluminum Housed Chassis
      • Precision
      • Current Sense / Shunt
      • Custom
      • Pulse Withstanding
      • Leaded
      • High Power & TO Type
      • Cement Encased
      • Axial Lead wirewound
      • Oval wirewound
      • Combination Lead Tubular
      • Ribwound
      • Roudwire
      • Metal Case
      • Edge-Power
    • Resistors, Power
    • Resistors, Variable
    • Resistors, Non-linear
    • Resistors, Non-linear - PTC Thermistors
    • Resistors, Non-linear – NTC Thermistors
    • Resistors, Non-linear – Varistors
    • Rheostat
    • Panel Potentiometers
    • Precision Potentiometers
      • Linear
      • Motor
      • Multi-Turn
      • Single-Turn
    • Slide Potentiometers
    • Trimmer Potentiometers
  • Applications
    • Automotive
    • Computer
    • Consumer
    • Industrial
      • AC Motor Drive
      • Electronic Energy Meter
      • Lighting Ballast
      • Payment Systems
      • PV-Module
      • Uninterruptible Power Supply
      • Welding
      • Wind Turbine
    • Medical
    • Telecommunications