Relays, Timers, I/O Modules & Sockets

Marsh Electronics offers a complete selection of relays and accessories from some of the highest quality rated relay manufacturers in the electronics industry. Whether you need high or low current switching, time delay control or analog/digital signal interconnection, Marsh has the relay products to complete the application.

With our manufacturers, we can support and meet your relay application requirements. Our on-staff engineer can also assist you in selecting the correct relay for your application needs.



If your relay(s) require sub-assembly, wire leads with termination, or any other sub-assembly needs, our MarVac Assemblies division can build it for you. Marsh can also provide weather-proof connectors and wire leads for automotive style relays. These relay assemblies and weather proof wire harnesses are built to your drawings and specifications by MarVac Assemblies.

Contact Marsh Electronics for responsive service, sub-assembly and logistic services to support your relay product requirements.

Song Chuan 409 Relay J115F2 Series Relay WG 660 D Relay