Circuit Protection: Fuses and Circuit Breakers

Marsh Electronics can supply circuit protection products for virtually all applications from leading manufacturers in the electronics industry. Products include hi-tech re-settable designs, low-tech glass cartridge fuses, and surface mount designs rated at a fraction of an amp to circuit breakers rated up to 700 amps.

In addition, Marsh offers a complete selection of fuse holders, fuse blocks, clips and accessories.

For additional circuit protection, Marsh offers a wide selection of EMI/RFI filter products designed to eliminate or control interference and noise in all stages of your product. Technical support and application assistance for special interference and noise requirements is available from Marsh’s manufacturers and our on-staff engineer. Our manufacturers also offer custom testing for your unique application.

Fuses and Circuit Breakers

PBC-BA-22-615-3BA-AG Fuses

For overvoltage and overcurrent protection devices, Marsh offers a wide range of products to choose from. For overvoltage applications, we offer a variety of varistors, TVS diodes, thyristors and gas plasma arrestors. Overcurrent protection devices include positive temperature coefficient devices (PTCs) and fuses. If your circuit protection application requires sub-assembly, wire leads with termination, or any other sub-assembly needs, our MarVac Assemblies division can build it per your drawings and specifications.

Contact Marsh Electronics for your overvoltage or overcurrent protection needs. We will provide the service, application support, sub-assembly, and logistic services to support your application requirements.

CLB Black Embossed Fuses PB 1 Fuses