OptoElectronix LED Lighting Systems

Marsh Electronics provides a diverse selection of lighting products from OptoElectronix™, the leader in "The Art of LEDs"—the conception, design and manufacture of plug-and-play, highly reliable, standardized LED-based lighting. OptoElectronix combines decades of unique expertise and experience in LED systems, specialized knowledge of the lighting industry, and a strong understanding of the manufacturing required for both.

OptoElectronix designs and manufactures a wide range of standard, semi-custom and custom Universal Light Engine™ product families for OEM applications, and high-output Universal Light Fixture™ product families for commercial lighting applications. OptoElectronix products are all designed and tested to highest industry quality requirements as completed lighting solutions that include integrated power supplies, thermal management and optics in addition to LEDs.

All OptoElectronix products carry a 5-year warranty. OEM products are designed and certified by safety agencies including UL and CSA, NSF for food-related applications, ENERGY STAR for consumer products, and all are IP rated. High-output commercial light fixture products are certified by the Design Lights Consortium, enabling rebates from local utilities. Contact Marsh Electronics for the OptoElectronix lighting products you need.

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