Many Marsh Electronics customers are fans of Mechatronics Fan Group, a thermal management leader supplying a broad range of standard and custom AC Fans, DC Fans, blowers, impellers and thermal accessories. For over 25 years, Mechatronics has delivered thermal management solutions for wide-ranging applications in telecommunications, networking, medical, industrial, appliance, food and beverage and other markets.

Mechatronics’ extensive AC axial fan selection includes many options for voltage, environmental protections (such as conformal coating or IP55 encapsulation), high-temperature models for operation up to 90 degrees Celsius, and custom designs to meet your thermal management requirements.

Mechatronics low power consumption AC fans offer strong advantages for a wide range of applications: reduced power consumption up to 70% of standard AC fan models, a global voltage option for fan operation from 90VAC ~ 264VAC, higher airflow than standard AC fan models, and speed control and performance monitoring options. Backward curved motorized impellers offer exceptional airflow and pressure performance.

A variety of cooling solutions are available with Mechatronics brushless DC axial fans, featuring multiple voltage options, environmental protection options including conformal coating or IP57 rated encapsulation, alarm output options such as tachometer or locked rotor alarm, and speed control including self-adjusting thermistor or pulse width modulation (PWM) input.

With an extensive North American inventory, our wide selection of Mechatronics products can accelerate your time to market. Mechatronics cooling products are RoHS compliant and designed to meet the toughest standards of UL, CSA, TUV and VCE.