Commercial Vehicle Products

Marsh Electronics is an authorized distributor of Littelfuse Commercial Vehicle Products (CVP). Major manufacturers rely on Littelfuse electrical components for the demanding needs of heavy-duty and off-road trucks, buses, RVs, construction equipment, agricultural machinery and emergency vehicles.

For many years, Marsh has distributed components from Littelfuse, a global leader in circuit protection products that include the Cole Hersee line.

In addition to Littelfuse products we already carry, the CVP line includes products such as fuse holders, power distribution modules (PDM), battery management devices, high-current switches, DC solenoids and relays. They feature rugged design, high power capacity, various seal options and other advantages for optimal performance and protection in harsh environments.

DC Power Distribution Modules (PDM)

  • Multiple electrical power outputs
  • Acceptance of many fuses, fuse types and relays
  • Allow for custom configuration

DC Relays and Solenoids

  • Used for remote switching of electrical currents from 20A to 600A
  • Solid state relays
  • Plug-in relays
  • Compact relays
  • And more


  • Variety of electrical and electronic switches operated manually, mechanically, or by foot, temperature or pressure
  • Toggle switches, including fully sealed, heavy-duty and marine grade toggles
  • Electronic windshield wiper switches for dependable wiper control on commercial vehicles

Battery Management Devices

  • Conserve battery starting power
  • Protect against battery over-discharge
  • Combine power from two battery banks
  • Protect auxiliary equipment such as liftgate motors

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As part of Marsh Electronics’ big selection of electrical products, we offer the Littelfuse line of circuit protection devices. Littelfuse products have a reputation as vital components in almost any market using electrical energy, from consumer electronics to automobiles, commercial vehicles and industrial equipment.

Littelfuse manufactures an extremely broad selection of fuses for nearly every possible application. Fuse blocks, fuse holders and fuse accessories enable easy installation and replacement in automotive, electronics and industrial applications. You can order TVS diodes with options including high-peak pulse current and peak pulse power versions up to 10kA and 30kW respectively.

Littelfuse resettable Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient devices (PTC) provide a reliable overcurrent protection alternative for consumer electronics, power line, telecom, I/O port process control and medical equipment protection. LED protectors offer open LED, ESD and reverse polarity protection for high-reliability outdoor lighting.

In addition to offering protection relays, generator controls and alarm systems, Littelfuse manufactures current-limiting fuses to decrease arc-flash exposure, while fuse holders and fuse covers reduce incidental contact and improve safety.

Along with electrical switch panels, the extensive Littelfuse family of switches includes battery disconnect switches, rockers, push-pull switches, rotary and headlamp switches, toggles, momentary switches, ignition and windshield wiper switches. Switching thyristors are available with a wide selection of thru-hole and surface mount options.

Other available Littelfuse products include DC Solenoids and Relay, a variety of battery management equipment, and highly reliable power semiconductors and varistors. Pulse Guard ESD Suppressors are ideal for protecting high-speed data lines, while Shock-Block™ Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protects personnel against electrical hazards.

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Littelfuse Solutions Ensure Safety and
Reliability of Powertrain Systems

Electrification and battery operation is becoming pervasive for many diverse types of construction, industrial, and agricultural vehicles. Access our presentation to explore Littelfuse advanced power distribution, circuit protection and power semi solutions for off-highway vehicles.