Marsh houses a broad range of fans, accessories, heat sinks, and hardware from Cooltron, who, for over 20 years, has been providing high quality and highly reliable parts that can be used in LED lighting, medical equipment, and entertainment devices. Cooltron strives to provide solutions that aim to innovate the industrial cooling industry by maintaining existing product lines but also by listening to customers to constantly improve and develop new products.

Greatly valuing customer input, Cooltron’s mission is to meet all of its demands and providing high quality products. Headquartered in the U.S., Cooltron has manufacturing plants in China and Taiwan which has given them a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing of industrial fans, blowers, fan accessories, and industrial heat sink products.

Fans & Accessories


For the last 20 years Cooltron has been, and continues to be, a world leader in cooling technology, leaving few others who can compare with their fans and accessories. Their computer-designed stator outlet blades reduce the vortex turbulence and streamlines the axial quantity flow that fans create and also streamlines the fluid flow with an improved static head. Meaning, it improves airflow and motor efficiency. Cooltron also carries more than 100 different AC, DC, and EC fans ranging from a foot tall to as small as a penny. Ensuring that they always have a fan to meet your needs. They also have a wide selection of fan accessories to choose from to help prevent blockage and improve air quality, airflow, and noise level.

Heatsink & Hardware

Since 2011, Cooltron has been producing world class LED cooling and heat sink products that have won recognition and earned a reputation from many of its world class customers as being a product that you can rely on. And because of Cooltron’s dedication to technology innovation and quality reliability, as well as the financial investment in manufacturing facilities, employing updated heat pipes, forging, stamping, CNC machines, proficient technician and assembly workers, these heat sinks are no exception to the strict quality and reliability standards that the Cooltron name brings. They utilize multiple different types of material in the manufacturing of the heat sinks, like copper, copper embedded aluminum, pure aluminum, and aluminum alloy. They also use many different methods in the creation of the sinks like heat pipes embedding extrusion, cold-forging, die-casting, and stamping. They also fit into a variety of applications, such as LED lighting, Power, Consumer Electronics, Transportation, Telecom, and Computers. The variety of stamping, extrusion, forging, compact fin, fan, heat pipe, and liquid cold plates make it able to find the right fit for your project.

Fan & Accessory Part Number System


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