Carling Technologies

Marsh Electronics is pleased to offer switches, circuit protection products and power distribution products manufactured by Carling Technologies. Since 1920, Carling Technologies has “switched on” and powered countless products and systems for industries around the globe. Formerly known as Carlingswitch, the company now has four ISO and TS-registered manufacturing facilities, technical sales offices worldwide and ranks among the world's largest, privately owned manufacturers of electrical products. These include hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers, thermal circuit breakers, electrical switches, electronic switches, miniature and subminiature switches, power distribution units, digital switching systems and electronic controls.

Carling Technologies produces one- to four-pole switches in numerous single-throw and double-throw maintained and momentary circuits. Carling rocker, toggle, pushbutton and rotary-style switch options include circuit configurations, AC and DC ratings, insulated and watershedding constructions, termination options, mounting options, custom colors and imprinting.

For circuit protection, Marsh offers a complete line of Carling Technologies products, from 3 to 40-amp pushbutton thermal circuit breakers, to an expansive 0.02 to 700-amp range of hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers, to 0.10 to 50-amp equipment leakage and ground fault circuit protectors.

Carling Technologies also offers standard and custom AC and DC power distribution units (PDU) that exceed tough demands while delivering safety, reliability and performance. PDUs are typically supplied by a main feeder and divide power into smaller branch circuits. PDUs provide the required circuit control and overcurrent protection needed to all circuits and power-consuming loads connected to it. Carling offers three different product series of one rack unit (1RU) panels designed to fit industry standard rack systems, with front access and plug-in style, “hot-swappable” circuit breakers.

Carling products are widely used in numerous applications, such as industrial, non-automotive transportation, marine, telecom, datacom, military, renewable energy, food and beverage, panel controls, automation and others. All Carling Technologies' facilities worldwide are ISO 9001 - 2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified.