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ASC Capacitors

When it comes to film capacitors, Marsh Electronics carries the industry’s leading products – namely, those of ASC Capacitors. For more than 60 years, ASC Capacitors has designed and manufactured high-quality film capacitors that have numerous uses in industrial, non-automotive transportation, food and beverage, medical, renewable energy, harmonic filtering and other applications.

ASC Capacitors is the leading manufacturer of custom film and foil capacitors, with components designed to lower costs, reduce inventory, eliminate the need to conform to typical performance standards or footprints, and add technical capabilities not available in standard capacitor configurations. ASC custom products include capacitors enhanced with AC and DC metallization techniques; very high-voltage and low-ESL capacitors; specialized formats and sealing methods; high-temperature dielectric capacitors for aerospace, military and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications; custom connectors, specialized mounting brackets, unique termination configurations; and more.

Marsh also carries ASC Capacitors’ line of DC filters, AC filters, snubber capacitors and a variety of general-use and specialized traditional film power capacitors. Known for producing quality products at a competitive price, ASC Capacitors uses a robust design method to produce capacitors that are meant to last, with typical designs having a life rating of 100,000 hours.

ASC Capacitors employs lean manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art automated equipment in the design, manufacture and testing of all of its products, and is fully equipped to perform testing to most Military standards.