ASC Capacitors

When it comes to film capacitor, Marsh Electronics carries the industry’s leading products - namely, those of ASC Capacitors. For more than 60 years, ASC Capacitors has designed and manufactured high-quality film capacitors that have numerous uses in industrial, non-automotive transportation, food and beverage, medical, renewable energy, harmonic filtering and other applications.

ASC Capacitors is the leading manufacturer of custom film and foil capacitors, with components designed to lower costs, reduce inventory, eliminate the need to conform to typical performance standards or footprints, and add technical capabilities not available in standard capacitor configurations. ASC custom products include capacitors enhanced with AC and DC metallization techniques; very high-voltage and low-ESL capacitors; specialized formats and sealing methods; high-temperature dielectric capacitors for aerospace, military and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications; custom connectors, specialized mounting brackets, unique termination configurations; and more.

Marsh also carries ASC Capacitors’ line of DC filters, AC filters, snubber capacitors and a variety of general-use and specialized traditional film power capacitors. Known for producing quality products at a competitive price, ASC Capacitors uses a robust design method to produce capacitors that are meant to last, with typical designs having a life rating of 100,000 hours.

ASC Capacitors employs lean manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art automated equipment in the design, manufacture and testing of all of its products, and is fully equipped to perform testing to most military standards.


American Shizuki Corporation (ASC Capacitors) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shizuki Electric Company in Japan. The two companies have a combined history in film capacitors of over 150 years. American Shizuki began back in the 1940’s in Ogallala, Nebraska when local entrepreneur, Robert Goodall, started making capacitors. The company operated as Goodall Electric until 1960 when it was purchased by TRW. The company then became known as TRW capacitor division. The company was in on the early developments of metallized polyester film and held many patents with methods of lead attach and metallized film. They specialized in DC products and lower voltage AC applicaitons. In 1987 the company was purchased by Shizuki Electric Company and became American Shizuki Corporation. The company specializes in custom film capacitors while offering standard product lines as well. After the purchase by Shizuki Electric Company, ASC started working with AC motor run oil filled capacitors and through today manufacture products for the market for harmonic filtering, motor run and power correction up to 1000Vrms. Shizuki Electric Company has the full spectrum of AC as well as DC products ranging from 250Vrms to utility grade capacitors of 34KV and beyond on request. They’ve also developed a DC link capacitor for rail systems that eliminates the risk of leaks from the traditional oil filled DC link capacitors.

The ASC Line

ASC’s epoxy dipped polyester capacitors can be used in a variety of printed circuit boards for applications in instrumentation, filtering, and coupling/decoupling circuits. The HCO/HGC line of capacitors are designed for AC harmonic filtering of Power Factor Correction applications to be used in wind and solar power as well as other power conversion technologies, LC/LCL filtering, Motor Drives, and input and output filtering in UPS. The High Voltage/X375/X675 capacitors are designed to last, typically having a life rating of 100,000 hours. Type LV-6 medium voltage power factor correction capacitors employ plastic film only, creating superior dielectric strength, low loss, and significantly high allowable current. ASC’s HVSC (High Voltage Snubber Capacitors) are designed with very high surge/peak current capabilities for low-to-medium voltage applications like inverters, adjustable-speed/variable frequency drives, and rail grid interties. An IFP (Inverter Filter Power) capacitor is designed with modular DC link mounting in mind. The Oil Filled Group (X386S, X387S, X388D, X386D) are designed around the EIA456 standards and voltages ranging from 240-660Vrms and an operational life up to 60,000 hours.