Jumper Terminal with red cap

Minimum Order Quantity : 10

For PNs 46210-02 and 46210-03:   Stud capable of handling 285A (continuous) at 120mm² cable with temperature rise 25°C above ambient   For PNs 46211-01 and 46211-R:   Stud capable of handling 250A (continuous) at 50mm² cable Stud capable of handling up to 600A for up to 20 seconds ON (10 minutes OFF) The plastic insulator is PBT Valox 420 SEO (V0-V2 UL94 flammability rating). Temperature rise (up to 400A at 24V) from 55.6∞C to 67 ∞C using 0 AWG cable.

More Information
Manufacturer Littelfuse
Series Name Battery Jumper Terminals and Studs
Contacts Copper 110
Terminals Brass Stud 3/8-16 Thread 0.57' (14.48mm)
Case Nylon 66