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The term supercapacitor and ultracapacitor are interchangeable. They are both considered EDLCs which are electric double layer capacitors. Supercapacitors have no chemical reaction like a traditional electrolytic capacitor and can last many years with the proper design guidelines. EDLCs are power dense devices, unlike batteries; which are energy dense devices.

Supercapacitors are available in different industry standard packages: coin cell, small cell leaded, small cell screw terminal, large cell screw terminal, large cell weldable and in module configurations. Marsh Electronics carries a broad line of supercapacitor/ultracapacitor vendors and can provide all of the above packages. Typical applications for supercapacitors are back up power, regen braking, peak power assist and quick charge/discharge.

Marsh Electronics offers one of the broadest selections of supercapacitors and ultracapacitors in the industry. Marsh represents the leading supercapacitor 2S Module Series and ultracapacitors manufactures in the electronics industry. With our manufactures, we can support and meet your application requirements. For those unique and custom applications, our on Business Development Manager and staff engineer can help you select and choose the correct supercapacitor-ultracapacitor for your application.

If your supercapacitor application requires sub-assembly, wire leads with termination, or any other sub-assembly needs, Marsh can build this assembly in our MarVac Assemblies division. LS Mtron 166F These supercapacitor assemblies are built to your drawings and specifications.

If you need an ultracapacitor or supercapacitor, contact Marsh Electronics. We will provide the service, application support, sub-assembly, and logistic services to support your application requirements.

Supercap-Ultracap Matrix Capacitance
  .1F-5F .5F-150F 300F-600F 650F-3000F 650F-3000F 16V-130V  
Manufacturer's Coin cell Small cell leaded Small cell snap-in Large cell screw terminal Large cell weldable Modules Specialty modules
Cornell Dubilier
Eaton Cooper Bussmann
Illinois Capacitor
Vina Tech

ASC Capacitors Carling Technologies EATON Cooper Bussman Mechatronics Littelfuse OTTO Song Chuan VISHAY Grayhill Cherry JST PowerEX Opto Methode Power Solutions Group Spacecraft Components Corp. ZF Aerovox Sanyo Denki

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