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Laundry Equipment Manufacturer Saves Cost, Improves Performance with MarVac Solution


As a leading global commercial laundry manufacturer redesigned its 2017 equipment models, it sought a better performing cooling fan for controls at a low price. The company contacted Marsh Electronics. After establishing a price point, Marsh obtained fan samples and began testing them with the customer’s engineering team.


MarVac, a division of Marsh Electronics, sourced a raw fan from a reputable supplier and added a connector to match the customer’s need. MarVac supplied an initial lot of 40 fans for engineering testing. The customer later needed additional fans for in-field pilot testing and agency approvals. MarVac worked again with its supplier to provide a low volume of fans so the customer could complete testing. MarVac then began shipping the fans in time for production.

With the new fans, the customer improved fan output compared to fans used on previous models, and at a better price point. The customer also was able to consolidate its fan source into one existing supplier – Marsh Electronics.

  • Improved performance
  • Cost savings
  • Value solution with MarVac Assembly
  • Vendor consolidation

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