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Saving Money and Meeting Specs for Commercial Vehicle Power Products


A manufacturer of power products for commercial vehicles had two main needs: 1) a lower price point on the super capacitor modules it was using to build its 80 kilojoule start assist units, and 2) a higher capacity module to meet specifications for a 120 kilojoule start assist unit.


Marsh Electronics knew it could save costs for this customer. The Marsh team sampled supercap modules from one supplier and several board level supercaps from another supplier. The customer built a unit using those samples and sent it to a transit company customer in Canada for in-field/on-road testing for 90 to 120 days. The unit performed as expected and is still in the bus. Both of the Marsh suppliers were added as approved sources for supercaps and supercap modules.

The Marsh Electronics team also created a combination of cells for the 120 kilojoule units. Many mass transit specifications now specify that end products must be nearly 65% made in the USA. The customer is evaluating buying individual cells and assembling them into a modules to meet the specification.

Main benefits for this customer included:

  • A lower price point to be more competitive.
  • Better delivery.
  • Returnable product.
  • Lower incoming freight costs from a more local source vs. across the country.
  • Marsh Electronics can supply product for customer to build and meet the 120 kilojoule specification.

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