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Marsh Electronics is Proud to be a New Franchised Distributor for Spacecraft Components

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Founded in 1962, Spacecraft is a family-owned leading manufacturer of cylindrical connectors for the railways/transit, military, aerospace and various hard industrial environments.

Spacecraft’s core focus is manufacturing reverse bayonet connectors geared towards railway and transit applications. Our extensive engineering and manufacturing experience with reverse bayonet connectors provides us with the opportunity to offer a broad range of derivative cylindrical products in a short period of time with an assurance of exceptional quality

Product Capabilities & Equipment

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

MarVac Products include:

• Wire Processing
 ◦ Cutting/Stripping/Marking of 6AWG-32AWG Wire Including Multi-Conductor
 Crimping – 6AWG-32AWG
 ◦ Flat Cable to 64 conductor
 ◦ Wire Twisting – 14AWG-32AWG
 ◦ Wire types include: Teflon, Silicone, Hypalon, PVC, Automotive/Marine

• Cutting Tubing/Sleeving – PVC – Marsh can cut to length and process.
 ◦ Heat Shrink
 ◦ Fiberglass
 ◦ Teflon
 ◦ Corrugated Loom

• Harness Capabilities
 ◦ Single Lead 
 ◦ Multi-Conductor
 ◦ Light Mechanical Assembly
 ◦ Twisted Pairs
 ◦ Kitting/Bagging
 ◦ Indicator Light Assembly
 ◦ Lighted Switches/Lamps
 ◦ Ribbon Cable
 ◦ Modular – Phone, Cat5, Serial
 ◦ Terminal Blocks
 ◦ Special Packaging

• RoHS Soldering
 ◦ Lead to Component
 ◦ Component
 ◦ Board Soldering (Through-Hole)
 ◦ ESD Safe (which is more of a process or protocol so static electricity isn’t
 ◦ Lead Tinning

MarVac equipment helps customers save the cost of tooling:

• KoMax Gamma 333 – fully automated machine that cuts wire to length, strips and
terminates the ends, monitors quality of the print on both ends and batches as
needed. The Kingsley Hotstamp Wire Marker can be added to the KoMax Gamma
333 to mark wires with identification numbers.
• Amp K Press and corresponding applicators.
• Cirrus tester – Allows continuity testing on wires.
• Panduit Pat/M – Automated Cable Tie Machine
• Schleuniger 9500
• Schleuniger & Tyco Strip/Crimp Presses

MarVac Services Overview

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Our Valued Added division, known as MarVac, can provide product modification and
assembly services to further reduce your supplier base, simplify your production
requirements, and enable seamless delivery of product on time.
Marsh MarVac offers comprehensive value added services that can give your business a
competitive edge. We specialize in providing solutions based upon the production
requirements of our customers. These solutions will satisfy your needs and add value to
your business. With Marsh MarVac, you don’t have to adapt to a pre-existing format; we
adapt the program to suit you.

MarVac’s focus is on five areas:
• Light cable assembly
• Component preparation/assembly
• Mechanical sub-assembly
• Kitting/Bagging
• Bill of Materials (BOM) kits

MarVac is unique:
• The service fills a niche by addressing the unique needs of customers requiring
component assembly, wire harness or wire preparation, light mechanical
subassembly, or kitting of small to medium volume.
• In keeping with the Marsh reputation, solutions are speedy and tailor-made to
customer requirements.
Solutions are complete. “MarVac customers receive a product, tested to meet their
needs and ready to install rather than having to do their own assembly and
• MarVac reduces an entire Bill of Materials (BOM) to one part number. Customers
save on labor, purchasing costs, and are free to focus on their products.
• With stock-and-release, MarVac helps keep customers’ inventory and soft costs in
check with: increased inventory turns, reduced “inventory warehouse” space
requirements, reduce packaging waste, reduced number of parts to be purchased
and inventoried by customer Marsh will stock customers’ completed products and
provide them “Just in Time” or on an on-demand basis. Marsh is also well-positioned
to handle any spikes in demand.
• Customers have instant access to industry experts. WHMA/IPC A 620 Certification
provides peace-of-mind in that Marsh fully understands and adheres to
industry-consensus standards. Also, MarVac is a UL Recognized Supplier.