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Radial Multi-pin Metallized Polymer Network for DC to DC Converters

The Type CS multi-pin metallized polymer network is
ideal for the low ESR/ESL requirements in DC to DC
converters and switching power supply applications.
This unique, robust, capacitor design offers high ripple
current capability and high capacitance in a small package.
It is available with straight pins on 0.10“ centers
for through-hole mounting or with gull wing leads for
surface mount assembly. Type CS (Capstick) is encapsulated
in a rugged conformal coating and is packaged
in anti-static tubes for easy handling.
♦ Rugged conformal coated case meets UL94V-0
♦ High ripple current
♦ High capacitance in a small package
♦ Non-inductive design
♦ Non-polar
♦ Surface mount or through hole assembly
♦ Multi-pin leads on 0.10“ centers