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7 Questions to Specify the Correct Circuit Breaker

Circuit breaker selection is a multi-step process. It is a best practice for engineers to make a preliminary breaker selection early in the design phase so the device can be accounted for in the mechanical design; detailed breaker specifications will develop as the design proceeds.

Specifying the right breaker at the right point in the design process can lead to a more robust design, avoid redesigns, decrease development costs and add value to the end product.

Here are 7 questions you can ask yourself to help identify the best circuit protection solution for your design.
1. What is the AC or DC voltage requirement?

2. What is the normal operating amperage of the circuit?

3. How many poles are required?

4. What type of terminals are needed?

5. How should the device be mounted?

6. What type of actuation is preferred?

7. What approvals are needed (UL, VDE, CSA, etc.)?