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Hegemon Electronics Presents PLC ABS Lamp Module

Marsh Electronics is now able to provide you with the latest PLC ABS Lamp Module from Hegemon Electronics.  This lamp module allows conformity to in-cab trailer ABS warning light requirements without having to replace existing ABS module.

The PLC ABS Lamp Module is a ruggedized alternative to replacing the ABS controller in the cab of a tractor.  When retrofitting a truck to pull a trailer, costly modifications are needed which includes purchasing and installing a new ABS module for the cab.  The PLC ABS Lamp Module eliminates the need to spend hundreds of extra dollars on expensive ABS equipment. It gets installed into the cab, is connected to the 7th pin of the 7-way trailer connector, and has a lamp output which can then be routed into an installed light bulb in the cab or the driver’s instrument panel directly.  Installation is a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost.