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Nichicon New Pencil Shaped Aluminum Capacitors

Nichicon’s new pencil shaped aluminum capacitors are available in two series:
CS and PZ. They are designed to provide large capacitance, voltage and ripple current for low profile applications where traditional sized capacitors would be too big. A lower height is achieved by laying the capacitor on its side for mounting. Normally a power supply needs a capacitor with high voltage, capacitance and ripple current on the input side. In the case of a large power supply, usually a bulky can type capacitor is used. In the case of a small power supply, typically a radial type is used by mounting it vertically or horizontally. In recent years, the flat screen market has exploded and makers have requested a lower height capacitor to achieve a slimmer product. The usual response has been to make a bigger diameter and lower height part.

However, there was a tradeoff with voltage, capacitance and ripple current so this was not an optimum solution until the pencil capacitor was designed. With the smaller diameter, longer length and laying horizontal on the circuit board, this provided what the designers were demanding.

Key advantages to the pencil shaped capacitors:

Advantage #1: Lower Height Product
By laying the capacitor on its side, a lower height is achieved making it
attractive for low profile applications. Diameters range from 9 to 12.5mm.

Advantage #2: Larger Capacitance by Going Parallel
Multiple capacitors can be put in parallel to achieve much higher capacitances
and ripple currents but without increasing in height.

Advantage #3:  High Capacitance in Small Size
With a low height dimension, large capacitance is available up to 270

Advantage #4: Low Cost per Capacitance
When compared to other capacitors like ceramic, film and tantalum,
aluminum is the lowest cost per microfarad.

Advantage # 5: High Voltage
The pencil caps are available in voltages from 200 thru 450 Volt.

Pencil Design Features

  • Dimensions: 8×50,10×40,10×50,12.5×40, 12.5×50
  • Capacitance Range: 18 to 270 uF
  • Rated Voltage: 200 to 450 Volt
  • Temperature: 105C
  • Life: 2000-10000 Hours
  • Ripple Current: 220-1265 mArms at 105C 120 Hz