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Bud Introduces Stainless Steel Enclosure

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

The SNB-SS series, based on our very popular SNB product line, includes many extras such as the steel mounting panel inside the box.  These units are priced significantly lower than competition, providing a cost effective alternative for both electronic and electrical customers.

EDS 2010

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

EDS 2010

Once again Marsh Electronics will be attending EDS in Las Vegas Nevada May 11th – 13th.  Marsh Electronics along with many other Electronic Distributors and manufactures will be meeting to network within the electronics industry.  EDS is known as the most efficient, effective way to conduct meetings, network and expose your company to new business.

E-SWITCH Introduces the LP37 Series Illuminated Pushbutton Switch

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

E-Switch announces the launch of their latest illuminated pushbutton switch, the LP37 series. The LP37 series illuminated switch features a right angle, surface mount design with long travel. LED colors of red, green and yellow are available. Specifications include:

Mechanical Life: 30,000 cycles
Force: 250 +/- 100 grams
Travel: Full: 5.1 +/- 0.5mm; Switching: 2.95 mm nom; Latching: 3.3mm nom.
Contact Arrangement: SPDT
Contact Rating: 320mVDC to 50VDC; 10mA to 250mA
Contact Resistance: 50milliohms (initial max)
Insulation Resistance: 1,000Megaohms (min @ 100VDC)
Dielectric Strength: 250VAC
Operating/Storage Temperature: -30C to +85C

This new illuminated pushbutton switch works great for the telecommunications, consumer electronics, networking, low power on/off designs, performance audio and computer markets.

Stackpole Electronics’ Sulfur-Resistant Resistor Chip Provides Stability, Long-Term Reliability in Industrial Applications

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

RALEIGH, NC (March 3, 2010) – Providing a high-power, low-cost alternative to thick film resistive technology, Stackpole Electronics’ RNCP Series thin film chip resistors insure high accuracy with a low TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance).  Offering twice the power rating compared to standard thick film technology, the RNCP Series devices feature high tolerance to harsh environments, including shock, vibration and temperature extremes. The RNCP Series does not use lead-containing glass making the part 100% lead-free with zero exceptions. Stackpole has eliminated silver from the terminations making the part impervious to sulfur while avoiding the use of expensive metals like gold. This reduces the cost of the resistor to be within 10% of a traditional standard thick film chip and significantly reduces noise and interrupted power.

Ideal for harsh environments and systems that require long-term reliability, such as industrial and off-highway applications, the rugged RNCP Series offer all of the advantages of thin film technology, including high stability, low noise and high operating temperatures.

“With the capability to withstand high temperatures and vibration, the RNCP Series meets all necessary industrial and off-highway application requirements,” said Kory Schroeder, Director of Marketing at SEI.   “In addition, the anti-sulfur material extends the operating life of this already-rugged part, which is vital for applications where long term reliability is critical.”
Featuring absolute tolerances to ±1% and a TCR of  ±100ppm/°C, the RNCP Series resistors are available in 0402, 0603, 0805 and 1206 chip sizes, with power ratings from 0.1W to 0.5W and maximum working voltages from 50V to 200V.

The RNCP Series is available on standard 7-inch reels.  Pricing varies with chip size, tolerance, and resistance value and ranges; contact Marsh Electronics for volume pricing.

Song Chuan Relays for Tyco VH or VJ Replacements

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Looking for a replacement to Tyco VH or VJ style automotive relays, Song Chuan has your relay.  Tyco has announced that they will no longer support the VH or VJ style relays through Tyco or Bosch.  The Song Chuan 301 series and 898H series offer direct replacements for the VH and VJ series.

Marsh Electronics is Song Chuan’s largest distributor in the United States.  Let Marsh Electronics help you find a solution to your VH and VJ automotive relay requirements.