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BI Technologies Develops Thin Film Resistor Networks in Small Outline, Leadless Packages

Networks packaged in one of the industry’s smallest PCB footprints per lead count…

LAS VEGAS, NV (May 12, 2009) – Providing design engineers with a significant amount of PC board space savings, TT electronics BI Technologies has developed a new series of thin film resistor networks. Designated the SFN Series, the networks are housed in surface mount SON (Small Outline, No Lead) packages, and are available in custom, isolated, bussed and voltage divider circuit configurations.

 “These SFN Series networks feature one of the smallest PC board footprints per lead count in the industry. Compared to traditional 3-lead SOT23 and 8-lead SOIC packages, the networks offer a 40% and 46% size reduction, respectively,” said Mike Torres, BI Technologies’ fixed film product manager. “With the small package size and variety of configurations, the networks are ideal for a myriad of applications, including electronic measurement equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, ultrasound equipment, and flight control systems.”

The thin film resistor networks are also specified for precision analog circuits such as instrumentation amplifiers, precision voltage dividers, measurement bridges, low noise circuitry, ladder networks and converter applications.

The SFN Series SON package style is offered in a 6-pad, 2mm square outline with a pad pitch of 0.65mm, as well as an 8-pad, 4mm square outline with a pad pitch of 0.8mm. Custom circuits are available in either package style, while voltage divider circuits are offered in the 6-pad SON package. Isolated and bussed circuit configurations are offered in the 8-pad SON package.

Standard SFN Series networks are available with two, four or 7 resistors. Nominal resistance ranges from 10ohm to 100Kohm, with absolute tolerance to +/-0.25% and ratio tolerance to +/-0.05%. TCRs are to +/-25ppm/°C and TCR tracking is to +/-5ppm/°C. BI Technologies will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet specific customer requirements.