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EAO Offers Brighter Future For Industrial Equipment

A new style of pushbutton which emits an eye-catching halo-effect glow is now available from EAO, the experts for Human Machine Interfaces. The Series 84 ‘halo illumination’ pushbuttons offer a fresh design for industrial applications. Their high-visibility glow creates a more effective interface that attracts attention to a primary function – for example, an on/off switch.  These halo type switches are offered in three differing styles – either halo diffused lenses, units with halo illuminated switch bezels, or an animated illuminated bezel version which allows for chasing LED sequences, multi-color illumination, partial bezel illumination, and more.   For all versions, light is emitted around the edges of the lens by a 3mm high-intensity LED.   Halo diffused lenses are supplied with a pad printed silver gray lacquer. This lacquer ultimately provides a barrier to illumination, except for the exposed outer transparent rim of the lens.  On the contrary, with the halo illuminated bezel style, a raised metal lens can prohibit visible illumination, while the translucent outer bezel still provides an attractive glow.  The animated version is somewhat a combination of both as it allows for a metal or plastic lens to be used with the halo style bezel, but with a convenient PCB mountable switch element.   Lenses and LED’s for all versions are available in a variety of colors which include red, yellow, green, white, and blue.   Mixing and matching of lens colors and LED options are encouraged to provide custom appearances.  The durability of the switch series makes these units ideal for a variety of industrial applications – especially those in poorly-lit areas, such as ticket issuing machines or stop-request buttons in public transportation vehicles. Additionally, being oil/watertight and meeting the IP67 standard, this product is equally suitable for many types of equipment that can require frequent wash downs – possibly medical or even marine type applications. EAO’s Series 84 is a modular pushbutton system of lenses, switch/indicator housings and switching elements designed for a standard 22.5mm cut out. A short-travel switching system with two independent contact points ensure pleasing tactile operation and reliable switching – even with extremely light loads. The switch range has a maximum rating of 42VAC/DC, 100mA.