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Grayhill’s New Series 60C Stable Cursor Control in a Compact Format

LaGrange, IL  Grayhill, Inc. today introduced the Series 60C, their most advanced three-in-one, multifunction cursor control device, which integrates an optical encoder, joystick and pushbutton onto a concentric shafts. The 60C is a cost-effective replacement for a stationary mouse or trackball, with improved control over cursor movement.  As a compact cursor control device, Grayhill’s Series 60C is ideally suited for dashboards, where use of separate joysticks, encoders and pushbuttons might be impractical.  It provides all the functionality of a stationary mouse or trackball in a single-unit design with a 1″x1″x 0.661″ deep housing.  The joystick manipulates a cursor left, right, up and down; the rotary encoder facilitates sequential scrolling through menu options; and the pushbutton performs on-screen menu selects.   The Series 60C can improve cursor control in medical devices and positioning in robotic control.  The unique, integrated design facilitates positioning, scrolling and selecting with very little hand movement.  Further, these tasks are achieved without changing controls so the operator can focus on something other than the joystick.
Grayhill multi-function joysticks are widely used in automotive and avionics applications where vibration is a key concern.  To stabilize against rapid triggering from noise or vibration, the 60C utilizes a Schmitt Trigger to prevent unwanted cursor movements.  This increased stability improves operation of navigation and entertainment systems as well as various cockpit systems.

The integrated functionality of the 60C is engineered around an encoder with optically coupled two bit digital output, resulting in a longer operational life compared to traditional position sensing products. It delivers a dependable 500,000 rotational cycles and pushbutton actuations. Grayhill’s proven technology and quality systems ensure superior performance with minimized costs.