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Power Integrations EcoSmart® Technology Surpasses $3 Billion in Estimated Energy Savings

PI’s EcoSmart Technology has saved consumers and businesses around the world more than an estimated $3 billion on their energy bills with its EcoSmart energy-efficiency technology. The technology has prevented an estimated 20 million tons of carbon-dioxide emissions from power plants since its introduction in 1998 — roughly equal to the annual emissions of over three million cars.

Power Integrations’ EcoSmart chips intelligently manage the flow of power through the power supply, dramatically improving efficiency and reducing standby power waste by up to 95 percent, all without adding to the cost of the end product. Worldwide consumer product and appliance efficiency laws, regulations and voluntary programs are contributing to the replacement of most of the outdated technologies. These older technologies deliver power inefficiently, often wasting substantial amounts of energy while the product is in “standby” or no-load mode, or otherwise not in use.

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