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Cooper Bussmann Introduces New Multiplexed Vehicle Electrical Center

The multiplexed Vehicle Electrical Center (mVEC) offers economical CAN Network oversight for high power circuits in vehicle power distribution.  Manufactured as a hardened and weather tight module, the mVEC is rated at 200 Amps.  The mVEC may be configured to provide various OEM circuit protection and switching functions, using industry standard fuses, relays and breakers, with the status and control of each circuit accessible through J1939 messages.  The mVEC is based on proven and patented technology and is suited for the most demanding transportation vehicle applications. 

High Power:  The mVEC uses patented Bussmann VEC ‘power grid’ technology, ideal for high current circuits, and Vansco Networking Electronics.  Each mVEC is rated at 200 Amps, with outputs up to 30A, – 64 outputs are possible with the mVEC.  12 and 24 volt systems are supported

Rugged: Waterproof to high pressure spraying (IP66 equivalent).  The mVEC is designed and manufactured with robust features such as a heavy duty housing, silicon and Gortex gasketing, and protective conformal coated electronics, to operate in demanding automotive environments such as those found in Construction, Agriculture, Heavy Truck, Bus, RV, Marine and Specialty Vehicle markets.

Flexible: The mVEC is offered in various standard and customized versions.  Custom versions are configured to OEM wiring requirements.  The mVEC accepts fuses, relays, circuit breakers, resisters, diodes, etc. -based on industry standard 2.8mm footprint.

Cost Effective:  An alternative to high current, solid-state power distribution modules and features serviceable components.

Reliable:  The mVEC controls relays and sends information on the status of relays and fuses via the data bus to the CAN-bus.

Basic Features:  Various ‘standard’ and custom design versions supported (differing relay, fuse breaker, etc. configurations) J1939 multiplexing network mVEC is capable of reporting status of relays and fuses including any blown fuse or unplanned open or failing relay 12V and 24V electrical (or combinations thereof) supported

Capacity:  200 Amps maximum; 30 Amps per output connection.  Maximum of 12 relays and or 32 fuses, or various combinations therof (diverse design configurations supported)

Materials:  Housing and connector cavities: 94V-0 rated thermoplastic; Internal Power Grid; Tin plated copper CAN circuit board; Conformal coated

Connections:  Output: Standard Bussmann VEC connectors (8 way, colored/keyed, sealed connectors) – 30A max per terminal – connectors accept Packard Metri-Pack 280 series terminals (tanged/tangless)

Input: Studded Input Option – supports 2 M8 input power studs for DC power into the VEC Power Grid Connectorized – Accepts up to 2 Bussmann VEC connectors ( 2 terminal, colored/keyed, sealed connectors) 60A max per terminal connects and supplies power to the VEC Power Grid – accepts Packard 800 series terminals

Can: AMP SSC 12 position sealed connector for data link connectivity; CAN connector provides CAN signaling, power, ground, addressing, auxiliary relay control, and reserve connections to mVEC ‘smart’ layer

Ratings: Operating temperature ratings: -400C to 850C (operating).  Consult factory for higher temp versions (up to 105C) Ingree Protection ratings are application dependent up to an IP 66 equivalent (direct high pressure spray); IP rating is application design specific

Options: Mounting: Compression limiters on mounting feet
                Hardened electronics
                Labeling to customer specifications
                Stuffed (with/without components including but not limited to: fuses, relays, diodes, circuit breakers, fuse puller)
                Customized circuit layouts, standard and custom CAN messages
                Various venting configurations