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Benefits of Custom Capacitors

ASC Capacitors has researched the benefits of custom capacitors.  In the past the idea of buying custom components would send chills through purchasing personnel.  The fear of being locked into using one specific supplier and the possibility of some unforecastable event delaying, or worse, completely eliminating future shipments from that supplier.  They were also hesitant about specifiying a part that may prove troublesome to obtain from other sources in the event of delivery or quality issues.  Another very legitimate barrier was the cost from the manufactures to develope custom comonents.  Often times the price of the final component justified this concern.  Recently this perception has been changing because of various industry and management practices currently being employed.  Long term supplier contracts and mandatory supplier reduction programs are indirectly limiting the options sought by demanding standard parts usage with multiple sources availability.  In contrast, ASC Capacitors, along with other manufactures of various types of components, can make custom components affordable and in many cases more cost effective than any standard part.  This is not always the case, but customization should not be blindly ruled out when sourcing components just because a past opportunity did not warrant customization.  To read more of the indepth article please visit ASC Capacitor’s website.