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AeroVox UPS Capacitors Focus

Marsh Electronics inventories specific AeroVox UPS Capacitors designed for UPS Systems. These UPS Capacitors are built utilizing metalized polypropylene film technology and include unique testing methods specifically created for UPS Systems.

UPS Product Shot

Reliability essential to UPS systems is accomplished by Aerovox’s unique testing protocol. After the standard final electrical test, a high voltage five-minute burn-in/aging test is performed on all UPS capacitors, followed by five high current discharge pulses. Developed specifically for UPS capacitors, this testing protocol effectively screens out the potential for infantile or early life failures, which must be avoided in any type of UPS application.

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UPS Capacitors

PN CAP(uf) Voltage Base Size Can Height(Inches)
Z26S3190M50N 90 310VAC T 4.75
Z26S3760M56N 60 370VAC T 3.75
Z26S3770M50N 70 370VAC T 4.33
Z26S5592MT5A4 92 550VAC T 7.5
Z26S5846M50N 46 580VAC T 4.75
Z26S5892MT5A4 92 580VAC T 7.5
Z26S6021M50N 21 600VAC T 3.15
Z26S6028M50N 28 600VAC T 3.75
Z26S6040M56N 40 600VAC T 4.75
Z26S6045M50N 45 600VAC T 4.75
Z26S6620M50N 20 660VAC T 3.54
M5N Standard
M51N Discharge Resistor
M56N Case Mounting Stud

Power Factor Correction Capacitors

PN KVAR RATING Voltage Nominal Current (A-rms) C(t) Nominal Capacitance (uf) Can Size (W x L x H) (in)
AMP0006D33SA 6 240VAC 14.4 276.3 2.88 x 4.56 x 6.75
AMP0010F33SA 1 480VAC 1.2 11.5 2.88 x 4.56 x 3.06
3-Phase, 60HZ, Delta Connection