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Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)

One of the cornerstones of Marsh's success throughout the last 70 years has been our willingness and ability to be flexible and adapt to our customer's individual needs. Today this is especially true with regards to Inventory and Supply Chain Management as we seek to be a partner to our customers by providing customized programs based upon industry standard criteria. Additionally, Marsh Electronics has an in house programming staff available to create a new program or customize an existing one. Contact a Marsh Sales Professional today. Tell us what you need and we'll find a way to Make It Happen!

Inventory Replenishment

Marsh Electronics can help you gain control over your inventory by partnering with you and developing an inventory management system that meets your needs. We design and implement customized, flexible systems for tracking and replenishing inventory that really work. We develop each system with the customer’s individual requirements and technical concerns in mind, so the system is designed to work for you, not the other way around. The Marsh Electronics inventory and supply chain management programs meet and exceed industry standard criteria and you will see the results in your productivity, convenience, and bottom line. Marsh Electronics currently offers the following inventory management systems.

  • Bin Replenishment
  • MRD (Market Rate on Demand)
  • MRP
  • Just in Time Delivery
  • Kanban and/or Pull Systems
  • Internet Replenishment Program
  • Consignment Inventory
  • With On-Time delivery averaging over 98%!