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  • Wire Processing
  • Flat Ribbon Cables
  • Connector Dyeing
  • Special Packaging
  • Kitting
  • Soldering
  • Pin Pulling
  • Spolling Assembly
  • DIN Rail Assembly
  • Rack/Cabinet Assembly

MarVac Value Added Services

Our Valued Added division, known as MarVac, can provide product modification and assembly services to further reduce your supplier base, simplify your production requirements, and enable seamless delivery of product on time.

Marsh MarVac offers comprehensive value added services that can give your business a competitive edge. We specialize in providing solutions based upon the production requirements of our customers. These solutions will satisfy your needs and add value to your business. With Marsh MarVac, you don't have to adapt to a pre-existing format; we adapt the program to suit you.

MarVac Achieves Title of UL Recognized Supplier

Example of a MarVac Value Added Services Solution

MarVac Service Assemblies In a Single Product

Internal Components

Twisted Pair Wire Assembly Resistor Capacitor Assembly Multi-Conductor Cable Assembly Current Transformer Assembly
Twisted Pair Wire Assembly Resistor Capacitor Assembly Multi-Conductor Cable Assembly Current Transformer Assembly

MarVac is one of the fastest growing areas of Marsh Electronic's business.  Why is this?  Because Marsh takes the time to learn about our customers needs and provide solutions in the form of assembled and or customized products built to their specifications. MarVac customers receieve a product, tested to meet their needs and ready to install rather than having to do their own assembly and modification.

Utilizing MarVac is a way to reduce labor and purchasing costs. Marsh is able to supply you with the specific components to fit your needs.  With the help of MarVac you have one part number to order rather than an entire bill of material with no minimum package and reduced delivery time.

MarVac can also help you keep inventory costs in check through Just in Time. We will stock your finished assembly and provide it to you on an on demand basis. If your requirements spike, MarVac will have the product on hand to fill those needs rather than you having to carry additional stock.

MarVac is a solution to Improved Quality Control: MarVac will test and inspect your finished assembly per your needs.

MarVac can also save you the cost of the tooling required for mechanical assembly. We have a broad line-up of processing equipment that enables us to provide the right product on time. Some of the equipment includes::

  • Schleuniger 9500         
  • Ten Amp K-Press
  • Amp TapeTronic
  • Applicators for the most popular Amp, Molex and Amphenol Teminals             
  • Komax Gamma 333
  • Komax 34 Wire Strippers
  • Kingsley Hotstamp Wire Market
  • Cirrus Tester
  • Panduit Pat/M – Automated Cable Tie Machine
  • Schleunger & Tyco Strip/Crimp Presses