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Marsh's electronic components are designed to meet the needs of a broad range of industry segments. High volume manufacturing processes paired with consistent quality and durability make Marsh products ideal for a large variety of applications. Our components allow the manufacturer to increase value without compromising the cost of the end product.

Food & Beverage Service

Unsurpassed in quality and ease of use, Marsh’s buttons, switches, and control panels are a common solution to meet the needs of the fast-paced Food and Beverage Service industry.

Transportation (non-automotive)

Marsh supplies manufacturers of dump trucks, construction equipment, emergency vehicles, snow plows as well as motor coach manufactures, to name a few.


The quality and reliability of Marsh electronic components make them ideal for applications critical to the diagnosis and treatment of patients worldwide. Marsh products can be found in such instruments as MRI machines, CT scanners, and defibrillators.


Marsh offers a variety of solutions for industrial control panels and instrumentation for workplaces from factories to foundries.

Self-Service Banking

Marsh supplies a large portion of the self-service banking industry with durable electronic components that meet the demands of highly-used automatic teller machines.

General Industrial

Marsh meets the needs of technical equipment manufacturers with a wide assortment of products, some of which include: potentiometers, LED displays, panel controls, fans, and switches. These electrical components are well suited for a variety of products, such as welders, generators, and transformers.